Full bloom #orquideavanda #wandaorchidBoa semana!A lot of work these guys...but I love them!My best creation #agathaluna ❤️!!! Posing for @_luca_and_jack_  the coolest baby shop by @gliddengannon and @ninasanderReady, set, go with the super talented  @maxwebertotalbeauty !!! ✨👄💄👄✨Viva a Primavera!!!Pass the crystal spread the tarot
In illusion comfort lies
The safest way the straight and narrow
No confusion no surprise  #sistersofmercy 💚Pavel Petrovich Ivanov - Scheherazade (1924)Reborn a year ago as Mistress of Motherhood! Photo @lostart_louise @lostartMuito passada que meu peixinho preferido se foi, era muito especial...heartbroken 💔




Brinco de princesa

Brinco de princesa

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